Without a doubt, Madonna was the biggest and brightest female pop star of 80s music and is still greatly respected and admired today for her talent and fashion insight.

Here is a quick look at some of her most popular singles.Madonna

1) “Borderline”: This song was one of the first hits Madonna experienced off of her debut 1983 album. In true Madonna style, this song was a bit different from the albums other cuts like “Holiday” and “Lucky Star” because it had a more diverse melody and flow.

2) “Like A Virgin”: Madonna has often brought forth bold statements about society and life through her music and this song was certainly one of her first bold musical statements. With its catchy melody and dark warmth, the song is a beautiful piece of art. Thus, when Madonna’s voice brought the lyrics to live along with the unforgettable music video she filmed, this song became an 80s iconic artistic moment frozen in time.

3) “Papa Don’t Preach”: Again, Madonna took possibly controversial lyrics of the time and turned them into a message the whole world understood with this song. It was an amazing way to address the issue of teen pregnancy in a time where it wasn’t socially acceptable to address it openly.

There is almost no person on Earth who could claim Madonna didn’t have a major influence on all of the 80s music released. Madonna songs continue to influence artists in the 21st century as well.

It was by her direction and lead the other pop artists of the 80s emerged in the artistic direction she did.