OK, I am a big fan of pretty much everything about the 80’s. Tonight I decided to check out “That 80’s Show” on Hulu.Com. I was watching the pilot and they made a reference to “The Bay City Rollers”.

I remembered being a big fan of “The Bay City Rollers” in he late 1970’s when I was a “tween”, even buying and still owning a 45 of “I Only Want to be with You” and skating at the local roller rink to “Saturday Night”.

So, like I always do, I went to YouTube.Com and found a video for the song. Then my wife, who is from Mexico and was born in 1977 started singing the song in Spanish. I was surprised.

The song was a hit by Luis Miguel in the 1980’s and, in Mexico it was a huge hit and everyone knew this song.

Sometimes I forget that the experience of young people in different countries during the 1980’s was not like mine. In many places MTV came much later than it did in the USA.

The music critics hated “The Bay City Rollers”, but the fans loved them. They lived the rock and roll dream. Together they endured the trial of fame and fortune and then lost it all.

What happened to “The Bay City Rollers”? Why didn’t they make a huge splash in the 1980’s with videos on MTV, hit singles and huge concert tours?

Tell us what you think about “The Bay City Rollers”.

Wow, they even had their own show. The Bay City Rollers Show from November 18, 1978.