Duran Duran Rio Album Cover Original ImageHungry Like The Wolf was the fourth top 20 hit in the group’s native UK and the song that introduced Duran Duran to America, ushering in a string of hits and hordes of female admirers.

This potent, extended sexual metaphor was a timely and unique combination of tough rock-guitar licks and frenetic beats, worthy of post-disco dance floors.

It also turned out to have an extended shelf life once the world embraced Duran Duran as an 80s music pop sensation.

Director Russell Mulcahy took Duran Duran to picturesque Sri Lanka to shoot the adventurous video for the song, which most memorably features the thrilling tension of lead singer Simon LeBon pursued through a by a painted she-wolf in heat.

The quintet, which was originally made up of Nick Rhodes, John Taylor, Andy Taylor and Roger Taylor with the addition of Simon LeBon, fast became teen idols around the world, especially as the MTV audience devoured the exotic 80s music video.

The video was considerably more exciting and action-packed than much of the competing material at the time. In 1984, “Hungry Like The Wolf” won the Grammy for Best Video Shortform and made a noteworthy contribution towards Duran Duran’s second honor that year, for Best Video Album.

Russell Mulcahy would go on to film many of Duran Duran’s most famous videos during the groups peak era of MTV super stardom.