Duran Duran is going strong in the 21st century with a new album, live performances, appearances and more.

While the new music is awesome, the band’s songs and videos from the 1980s will always bring back wonderful memories for me and they never get old.

Here are a few of my favorite Duran Duran songs and videos from the 80s.

Duran Duran were amongst the earliest bands to work on their own remixes. Before the days of digital synthesizers and easy audio sampling they created multilayered arrangements of their singles, sometimes recording entirely different extended performances of the songs in the studio.

These “night versions” were generally available only on vinyl as B-sides to 45 rpm singles or on 12-inch club singles, until the release of the compilation Night Versions: The Essential Duran Duran in 1998. Duran Duran are a great band then and now.

The only reason why they got flack was that they realized the music videos were the “next big thing” and they were ahead of the game since there videos had very high production value and quite as entertaining as to watch as well as to hear.

A lot of bands and/or singers wanted to focus only on the music without realizing that there was a significant marketing benefit to videos. Their careers thrived because they had great music as well entertaining and expensive music videos that generated them a lot of interest, too.

Duran Duran is a pop music group. They were part of the New Wave music explosion in the early 1980s, as well as a leading band in the Second British Invasion. They are still often identified as an Eighties band despite continuous recording and evolution over the past twenty-five years.

Duran Duran began to achieve worldwide recognition in 1982. In May, they released their second album, Rio, which scored three UK top twenties with “Hungry Like the Wolf”, “Save A Prayer”, and the title song. A headlining tour of Australia, Japan, and the US was followed by a stint supporting Blondie during that band’s final American tour.