Michael Jackson’s 1983 hit, ‘Billie Jean’ is the best ever dance record – according to listeners to BBC Radio 2.

I don’t want to be controversial here, but I must say that I can’t figure out how the heck Billie Jean won out over Donna Summer’s 1977 disco classic, ‘I Feel Love’, which came in at number 2.

OK, so I Feel Love may be a ’70s song but, in my view, it really set the trends for the ’80s by blending a hard core synth track (which had hitherto been the province of techno bands such as Kraftwerk) with crooning disco vocals (which had previously normally been sunk to a funk band or orchestral backing).

In fact, ‘I Feel Love’ was not only the greatest disco song ever but was also one of the most influential pop songs.

So, while Jackson may have won the vote, I am going to play Donna Summer’s wonderful I Feel love…