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Monsters of Rock LA Coliseum 1988

Monsters of Rock 1988 LA Coliseum Headlined by Van Halen, included acts Dokken, Metallica, Scorpions and Kingdom Come

I found this video on YouTube. I had totally forgotten about this. All day. 9 hours of rock n' roll. July 24th, 1988 at The LA Coliseum.

Hot weather, booze. ladies in 80's clothes and makeup, guys dressed in [...]

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I Only Want to be With You – What Happened to The Bay City Rollers

OK, I am a big fan of pretty much everything about the 80's. Tonight I decided to check out "That 80's Show" on Hulu.Com. I was watching the pilot and they made a reference to "The Bay City Rollers".

I remembered being a big fan of "The Bay City Rollers" in he late 1970's when I [...]

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Five Sunset Strip Clubs Go 80s on Friday Night

New movie about the 1980's! The 80's truly lives on in pop culture, music, movies and more.  "Rock of Ages" has been one of the hottest Broadway musicals across the country for some time and now a movie set in Hollywood in 1987.  

Nothing real special on [...]

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Madonna Interview Announcement

Jimmy Fallon announced Monday night on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon that he will be doing an exclusive interview with Madonna on Facebook talking about her new album coming out March 26th called MDNA and more with the 80s music icon.

The Madonna interview will take place at this Saturday Night March 24th at 6:00PM EST [...]

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The Lasting Legacy of Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston was arguably the second most famous female pop star in the 1980s.

Her untimely death at 48 hears old is, while unfortunate, was probably not a big surprise to many.

Houston set the standard for pop-soul singers in the '80s. She was vibrant in the 1980s, sharing her passion for music and life [...]

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Greg Kihn Celebrity Interview October 2011

Greg Kihn is the inimitable Beserkley Records recording artist of the 1980’s, known for his chart-topping songs and MTV videos, "Jeopardy," and "The Breakup Song (They Don't Write 'Em Like That)."

Okay, so his last big hit might have been almost 30-years ago, but that doesn’t mean the man hasn’t been really, really busy.

Greg recently released [...]

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Trans Atlantic Crush CD “Remember” Now Available for Sale

The new CD from Trans Atlantic Crush, "Remember" is now available!

Trans Atlantic Crush has been writing and performing songs heavily inspired by your favorite 80s music artists, including Duran Duran and Depeche Mode.

After a break from recording and performing, the band is back with a compilation of 11 original songs to please any fan of [...]

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A Short History of Killing Joke

Jeremy 'Jaz' Coleman, Geordie Walker, Martin Glover and Paul Ferguson formed one of the most alluring post-punk bands in 1979.

The band is considered the forefathers of American nu-punk.

Their compulsive, tribal blasts on their debut "Killing Joke" album released in 1980 and the next album "Revelations" in 1982 created a legion of rabid fans and a [...]

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