80s Costume for WomenOne of the most popular and memorable costumes for Halloween or other costume parties is an 80s costume.

In the 1980s the hairstyles and fashions were so distinctive that just about anyone, young and old alike, will recognize the look immediately.

An 80s costume will be sure to be hit at any costume party or celebration.

Some ideas for creating your own 80s fashion look for Halloween or other party occasions might include the following.

The hair is a very important part of an 80s costume, bright orange or red (you can buy spray on hair color at any beauty store) tease it up and let it fall over to one side.

This includes glamorous makeup (a lot of blue eye shadow), scrunchies, asymmetrical designs, shoulder pads, bright colors and don’t forget about those high top sneakers!

A typical 80’s prom dress was bright in color and some popular choices included: tangerine, teal, magenta and fuchsia.

Glamorous makeup and a lot of blue eye shadow will enhance that 80s fashion look. When applying blush for an 80s style, be sure to use bright colors of hot pink or dark red. Pile it on, as subtle looks weren’t big during this era.

80s fashion trends often included large scrunched up socks, rolled up jeans, pony tails off to the side, and bright colored clothing, often neon.

An unforgettable hairstyle and clothing style was the heavy metal look, which would make for a great costume. The hairstyle is big, long, and spiked.

80s heavy-metal costumes to Madonna or even a simple mullet wig can transform you back to the 80s. To complete your 80s look, use hairspray to tease your hair and create a 80s style and layer on loads of brightly colored makeup.

Here are some of the most popular 80s costumes for women for Halloween 2010 to further give you some awesome costume ideas:

80’s Funky Pop Star Costume

You can also purchase some of the main items, such as 80s wigs, shoes and other accessories and create a unique look with things you might already have in your closet, dresser and jewelry box.

With a little creativity, the ideas for impressive and memorable 80s costumes are virtually limitless.