Cabbage Patch

While toy wars happen in stores all across the country today, there was nothing in history more fought over than Cabbage Patch Dolls.

These dolls hit the market in a big way and parents rushed to find the latest dolls for their children.

In fact, they even purchased diapers for the dolls at !


Care Bears Care Bears

Still a popular item today, Care Bears were even more popular in the .

The original clan of bears even led to a wildly successful television show and a host of movies.

Today Care Bears include many other animal types and accessories.

Glo Worms Glo Worms

If you were a , chances are you slept with a Glo Worm at one point in your youth.

These stuffed worms glowed in the dark every time you hugged them.

The line included books, night lights, videos and other accessories.

The item was a success not only because it was adorable, but it acted as a nightlight and kept children happy in the dark!

Micro Machines Micro Machines

Remember that annoying actor in the 80s who could talk 60 miles a minute?

If you do, you probably remember the Micro Machines he advertised.

These tiny cars were only a little over an inch long, but were all the rage in the 80s.

Parents could purchase small cities to go with the small cars. They were very travel-friendly and took up very little space!


Masters of the Universe

He-Man and Skeletor are names still much remembered today.

The cartoon characters were some of the most popular boy .

The toys were so popular they’ve traveled into the present!

They are still offered for children today, in updated forms.