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The Rubiks Cube – Top 80s Toy

The Rubik’s cube was a simple puzzle, where a 3 X 3 cube with six colors had to be twisted and lined up so you only had one color per face of the cube. The cube (and you should be ashamed if you haven’t seen one before!) looks like this: It was actually invented in […]

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The Best Of 80s Toys

Cabbage Patch Dolls While toy wars happen in stores all across the country today, there was nothing in history more fought over than Cabbage Patch Dolls. These dolls hit the market in a big way and parents rushed to find the latest dolls for their children. In fact, they even purchased diapers for the dolls […]

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Unique Retro 80s Holiday Gifts and Collectibles

Here is a list of some of the most unique and unusual toys and collectibles from the 1980’s Decade. Relive the explosive action of the 1983 modern movie classic with this Talking Scarface Figure, a 18″ tall PVC plastic collectible figure depicting Al Pacino’s likeness as drug lord Tony Montana. He speaks several memorable phrases […]

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Create your Own 80s Gear At Zazzle.Com

You can create customized T-Shirts, Mugs and other Gifts for anyone who loves to be creative. You can also sell your products as well. There need to be some 80s T-Shirts created by users at this site. They would be a hit. In the meantime, why not design your own for yourself or as unique […]

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